Student ScoreCelerator Workshop

Whether focusing on the ACT®, SAT®, TSI®, or GRE® test, students experience an intensive review of solid test-taking techniques, practice high-value item types that offer the best return on preparation and learn powerful test-taking strategies.  Lead by Cambridge master teacher, this three-hour workshop for each content of the test includes:
Thorough overview of test mechanics

  • Secrets of the test writers
  • Test structure and format
  • Timing and pacing of each applicable subject test – Reading, Writing and Language/English, Math and Science
  • Scoring and how every problem matters. Just a few more correct questions can dramatically increase scores
  • Common distractors

A systematic analysis of each section of the test (Reading, Writing & Language/English, Math, Science)

  • High-value test-taking strategies for items most frequently encountered on the test
  • How different forms of “data” are integrated throughout the test
  • Frequency with which each item type appears
  • How to address multiple choice and/or student-produced response questions
  • Analysis of the Essay, including the passage, prompt, and expectations