Essential Skills Lab

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These materials are available in print or as an online course (the Essential Skills Lab is the online course). The course contains core skills review, lessons, and exercises that enable students to review material that they may have forgotten, learn new material that they may not yet have learned, and master the skills required to answer more difficult multiple-choice items on standardized tests.  The course addresses four groups of skills: English and Writing, Reading, Math, and Science, and each group of skills is addressed at three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Each skill is introduced with a brief lesson and examples. Then the skill is tested through an exercise. Students can read the lesson and examples and then test their understanding with the exercise.  Students can work through the course either by starting at the beginning of a specific group of skills (or a specific level) and work through it to the end, or by focusing on specific skills they need to review the most, as guided by their teachers.

The Essential Skills teacher’s guide allows teachers to spend more practice and time on basic skills review and practice exercises. Built on three score ranges (high-medium-low) of the College Readiness Standards™, teachers will find it easy to differentiate instruction in the classroom based on student needs as they provide the needed practice to fill skill gaps, master tested skills, and increase scores.

Cost of student online lab:  $39.95 per student