Credit Ready!™ Prep for the TSI Assessment Premiere Student Package (2nd Edition)

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Cambridge’s Credit Ready!™ Prep for the TSI Assessment materials contain 18 hours of content and lessons that teach the tested topics systematically, helping students refresh the skills they need and learn key strategies to boost scores. Cambridge’s Credit Ready!™ Prep for the TSI Assessment teacher guides provide mechanics, strategies, pointers, and additional insights so that teachers can efficiently and effectively teach a concise TSI preparation course. Instructors teach through the tested concepts using short lessons and examples while practice exercises are designed to help verify understanding.

The Credit Ready!™ Prep for the TSI Assessment Premiere Package provides up to 60 hours of content and 750 practice items:

  • Student textbook with instruction and practice items to reinforce your students’ understanding of the test subjects.
  • One Cambridge TSI pre-assessment (reading, writing, and math) with a comprehensive group of data reports analyzing your students’ test results.
  • TSI Score Booster: 21 hours of additional online practice sets for those students looking to go above and beyond the program.
  • Extensive teacher curriculum and practice material that covers the reading, writing, and math sections
  • Access to the online teacher resource center for additional support and information.
  • Cambridge Navigator packet with complete pre-assessment item explanations.
  • TSI Workbook is an optional supplemental add-on that includes an additional 400+ practice items


  • TSI Student Text1,
  • TSI Score Booster Online2,
  • Cambridge TSI Test 18A3, (print or online)
  • 18A Pre-Diagnostic Student Assessment Reports4

TSI Workbook (optional suppl. add-on) 5

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