College, Here I Am™ Teacher Guide Package*

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The College Here I Am course takes a common-sense approach to teaching the skill and behaviors needed to make the college experience less stressful and more productive. The program provides instructional and practical exercises to target specific areas that are key to college success, both in and out of the classroom.  Organized into four chapters, the College, Here I Am online material has been developed by working with high school, college, and university experts. Below is a brief description of each chapter:

  1. Why Go to College
    This section focuses on embracing the vision of going to college such as future career planning, overcoming obstacles, networking strategies, building one’s resume and gaining experience.
  2. Path to Graduation
    This section focuses on the demands of the college classroom, placement tests, principles of college writing, communication with professors, success in the classroom.
  3. Thrive in College
    In order to thrive in college, students not only need to well in their courses, but they need to master new responsibilities. This section presents tips and exercises regarding paying for classes, budgeting, time management, and building healthy relationships.
  4. Civic Responsibility 101
    The final section of the course will give students a taste of a college seminar and help them think through the importance of government.

Contents:(College, Here I Am Student Text, College Success Teacher Guide)5, Retired ACT® Practice Test with Assessment Reports3 or College Board written SAT test with Assessment Reports4, Career Exploration Inventory Survey with Reporting5, Retired ACT or SAT Test Navigator

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4 $17.95 (test and premium reports) or $12.95 (test and digital reports) a la carte,
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