ACT AccelePrep Teacher Package (2nd Edition)

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Cambridge’s AccelePrep for the ACT Test has been designed for those that want a highly concise and focused prep course.  The systematic and fast-track approach allows students to review content while learning all about the “ins and outs” of the ACT test.  This book allows students to learn how to effectively navigate test content, avoid common errors and distractors, apply powerful test-taking strategies, and experience high-value item types that offer the best return on preparation.  One full-length practice test is included to allow students to hone their test-taking abilities and put their new knowledge to practice, a key action for preparing for the ACT.

The teacher’s guide helps teachers to efficiently and effectively teach a concise, accelerated ACT test prep course.  The book is all inclusive with the student text and highlights AccelePrep exclusive tools such as mastering the AccelePrep method, test specifications and features, effective pacing, strategies, and power tip alerts.  In addition, teacher notes are provided that not only highlight the correct answer but provide explanations as to why incorrect answers are truly incorrect.

The AccelePrep for the ACT Test Premiere Package includes:

  • AccelePrep for the ACT Test student text.
  • Pre-test with a real, retired, off-record practice ACT test or a Cambridge written full-length practice ACT test. Testing includes a comprehensive group of data reports analyzing your students’ test results.
  • Extensive teacher curriculum covering reading, writing, and math.
  • Access to the online teacher resource center for additional support, practice, and information.
  • Cambridge Navigator packets with complete pre-assessment item explanations.

Contents: AccelePrep for the ACT Test student text1, AccelePrep for the ACT Test teacher’s guide3, Cambridge or ACT authored practice ACT pre-test with assessment reports2.  ACT Teacher Resource Center Access, and pre-test Navigator.

1 $29.95 a la carte,
2 $17.95 (test and premium reports) or $12.95 (test and digital reports),
3 $89.95 (incl. student text) a la carte

* Teacher guide purchase requires a first-time only minimum purchase of 20 student books